Protective Measures COVID-19 Employee Training Courses

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Helping businesses and government entities provide Protective Measures COVID-19 Employee Training

COVID-Trained Protective Measures courses focus on how employee actions can improve workforce health and workplace safety in the time of COVID-19.

The courses first aim to help everyone protect themselves, and second to understand how specific actions can greatly reduce the spread of coronavirus in their workplace, and their community.

All courses are based on the most current scientific understanding and are constantly maintained.

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The Road Ahead

Protective Business Measures in the Age of COVID-19

A practical handbook for business leaders that lists options for how to survive and recover from the present and coming years of COVID-19.

Cover of the Road Ahead Book

The 4 pillars of COVID Protective Measures

The 4 pillars of COVID protection ensure that all measures are being taken to reduce the risk of transmission amongst customers and between staff and customers .

COVID Awareness

Clean Hands

Physical Distancing

Aerosol Protection

Why you should invest in COVID Training

Not only will COVID-19 Employee Training courses help employees stay safe, they will also help customers and constituents feel confident in the organization’s commitment to everyone’s safety.

These online, interactive micro training courses are designed for today’s short attention spans. They quickly anchor learning concepts, and then re-emphasize key learning points in brief quizzes that each participant must answer correctly. Once they have passed the quizzes, participants may then download a course completion certificate.

Our user-friendly, self-managed LMS platform puts you in full control of enrolling users, reviewing progress, and generating completion reports. Courses are automated from order to implementation.

COVID-Trained offers on-line Protective Measures COVID-19 Employee Training courses in Standard, and Plus version training bundles. Choose English or Spanish, and upon request, other languages. Closed captioning is included. SCORM files are available for purchase.

The Standard bundle of 3 courses contains micro-lessons focused on protective measures for individuals.

The Plus bundle contains 2 additional courses. The Plus lessons target those organizations that want their workforce to broadly understand the pandemic dangers we’re facing. They emphasize the important part individuals play in reducing the COVID threat.

Training Insights

  • Restaurants need to train for COVID
    The restaurant industry has been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many sites operate at a loss or closed their doors. COVID training of workers and managers remains a critical and challenging area for restaurants. With proper training and eagle-eyed managers solving COVID-related problems before they occur, restaurants can look forward to surviving and even thriving in the age of the New Normal.
  • COVID-19 and the Future of Events
    My name is Christina Condos and I own my own event management and marketing business – Kentwood Partners.  We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. As anyone who is in the event business knows and can tell you, live events have taken a real beating with COVID-19.  Being in this business this year has been difficult – we lost over 70% of our booked […]
  • Key Ways to Attract Customers to Your Store during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    The current COVID-19 pandemic has left many consumers feeling concerned and uncertain about the risks of shopping and other activities that could put them in close proximity with other people. In many cases, physical barriers and shields may not be enough to provide confidence and reassurance for your potential customers. Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes can often provide you with added insights into the proper methods for welcoming shoppers back to your retail locations.
  • COVID Training is as important PPE
    The right COVID-19 employee training programs can be just as important as personal protective equipment for your company’s employees. COVID-Trained offers practical and positive solutions for teaching your staff members how to protect themselves against transmitting and contracting this dangerous novel coronavirus.