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This Know COVID-19 Myth Busting eLearning Plus Course aims to help employees protect themselves and their colleagues.

The Know COVID-19 Myth Busting eLearning bundle includes 2 courses focused on protective measures. These courses include What is COVID-19, and COVID-19 Myth busting. In addition, this micro training courses is designed to accelerate the learning experience. Also, each participant must pass several quizzes to receive a certificate upon completion. Most importantly, this self-managed system puts you in full control of enrolling users, reviewing progress, and generating status reports.

What is COVID-19 and why is it dangerous

5 Lessons – 9:55 min

COVID-19 Myth Busting eLearning describes the “germ” that causes COVID-19 disease. It also explains why it is so contagious and how it spreads. As important, it reviews some common symptoms and how to best protect each other.

Lesson 1 COVID-19 basics
Lesson 2 How contagious is COVID-19?
Lesson 3 COVID is virulent and very contagious
Lesson 4 How to know if symptoms are COVID?
Lesson 5 Why is COVID a pandemic?

Fact vs. fiction: Myth-busting COVID-19

4 Lessons – 12:20 min

Above all, this lesson debunks the potentially harmful fictions that promise cures, remedies, treatments or offbeat preventions for COVID-19 disease. As a result of this lesson people can make informed decisions.

Lesson 1 Dogs, Cats and COVID
Lesson 2 Bogus Cures for COVID
Lesson 3 Bogus Diagnosis and Cures for COVID
Lesson 4 Prevention strategies