COVID-19 Protective Measures Advanced Training

COVID-19 Fact or fiction training course
Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

Course  duration 45:13

Overview:  The Protective
Measures Plus bundle adds topics to the PM Standard package lessons and
delivers all 5 topics in one package. The Plus package coves the causes and
characteristics of the pandemic dangers we’re facing from the novel coronavirus.
 The Plus package lessons explore the
important part individuals can play in reducing the COVID threat by individuals
social distancing, wearing a face covering indoors and outdoors, and sanitizing
hands often.

Learning Objectives:  At
the completion of the COVID-19 PLUS package, users will understand:

–The scientific consensus of why COVID is so contagious and
the lasting damage it can cause.

–Why and how to distance yourself in a variety of locations

–How and why to wear face coverings, and how to choose and
care for them.

–The best way to effectively sanitize your hands in just 20

–How to distinguish between facts and fictions about