COVID-19 and the Future of Events

Event with COVID-Trained Attendees

My name is Christina Condos and I own my own event management and marketing business – Kentwood Partners.  We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

As anyone who is in the event business knows and can tell you, live events have taken a real beating with COVID-19.  Being in this business this year has been difficult – we lost over 70% of our booked business due to the virus.  Conferences, trade shows and meetings of all sizes have cancelled and/or postponed, many not to happen again until the second half of 2021 at the earliest.  Or many have gone to virtual events for the short term…where there is no risk of getting sick.

Having said all of this, event producers are trying to figure out how to move forward when it is safe to open.  Hotels, convention centers, and conference centers are creating guidelines and instituting programs to keep attendees safe.  Other types of vendors that event rely on are also doing the same – but the big unknown is the people factor.  With all of the inconsistent messaging that we are hearing on masks, social distancing, etc. how are you going to be able to get our attendees to do the things they need to do at the event to keep themselves and others healthy?  And, how can you make sure that when you open your event, you are not risking a super spreader event – where you did everything right but the attendees have not cooperated?

What if you could require them to become COVID-19 certified – meaning that they have taken a course that is designed for event participants so they know what to expect?  You take responsibility for educating them and making sure they understand how important it is to stay safely apart and wear a mask.

COVID-Trained offers e-learning courses that are designed to educate those who participate in events.  

Our online training program can be completed from a smartphone, a tablet, or a personal computer. This makes it easy for your attendees to learn proper techniques for managing their own risks while establishing the safest possible environment for attendees at your event.

All attendees can then move forward operating from the same basic level of COVID-19 knowledge. 

COVID-Trained offers training certification for those attendees who successfully complete our COVID-19 program.  This can provide real reassurance for your participants that your event is a safe environment for all who are involved.If you are in the event planning stage for next year, let’s talk about how we might incorporate our training into your event.  We can customize our program for your unique needs.

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