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COVID-19 and the Future of Events

Event with COVID-Trained Attendees

My name is Christina Condos and I own my own event management and marketing business – Kentwood Partners.  We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

As anyone who is in the event business knows and can tell you, live events have taken a real beating with COVID-19.  Being in this business this year has been difficult – we lost over 70% of our booked business due to the virus.  Conferences, trade shows and meetings of all sizes have cancelled and/or postponed, many not to happen again until the second half of 2021 at the earliest.  Or many have gone to virtual events for the short term…where there is no risk of getting sick.

Having said all of this, event producers are trying to figure out how to move forward when it is safe to open.  Hotels, convention centers, and conference centers are creating guidelines and instituting programs to keep attendees safe.  Other types of vendors that event rely on are also doing the same – but the big unknown is the people factor.  With all of the inconsistent messaging that we are hearing on masks, social distancing, etc. how are you going to be able to get our attendees to do the things they need to do at the event to keep themselves and others healthy?  And, how can you make sure that when you open your event, you are not risking a super spreader event – where you did everything right but the attendees have not cooperated?

What if you could require them to become COVID-19 certified – meaning that they have taken a course that is designed for event participants so they know what to expect?  You take responsibility for educating them and making sure they understand how important it is to stay safely apart and wear a mask.

COVID-Trained offers e-learning courses that are designed to educate those who participate in events.  

Our online training program can be completed from a smartphone, a tablet, or a personal computer. This makes it easy for your attendees to learn proper techniques for managing their own risks while establishing the safest possible environment for attendees at your event.

All attendees can then move forward operating from the same basic level of COVID-19 knowledge. 

COVID-Trained offers training certification for those attendees who successfully complete our COVID-19 program.  This can provide real reassurance for your participants that your event is a safe environment for all who are involved.If you are in the event planning stage for next year, let’s talk about how we might incorporate our training into your event.  We can customize our program for your unique needs.

For more information, please contact Christina Condos at

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Key Ways to Attract Customers to Your Store during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Customer outside of COVID Trained Retail Store

The current COVID-19 pandemic has left many consumers feeling concerned and uncertain about the risks of shopping and other activities that could put them in close proximity with other people.

In many cases, physical barriers and shields may not be enough to provide confidence and reassurance for your potential customers. 

Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes can often provide you with added insights into the proper methods for welcoming shoppers back to your retail locations. Barriers and other COVID-19 protective measures are only part of the picture when demonstrating your commitment to coronavirus protection in your stores. 

Here are five key ways to help customers feel safe in your retail facilities.

Here are five key ways to help customers feel safe in your retail facilities

(1) Invest in COVID-19 Employee Training

One of the most effective measures you can take to reassure customers and to create a safer environment inside your stores is to offer COVID-19 retail training for every member of your staff. COVID-19 employee training programs can explain in detail the ways in which the virus can be transmitted, the dangers associated with COVID-19 infections, and the proper protective measures for employees to take for themselves and on behalf of your customers. COVID-19 training programs should cover the following topics to achieve the best results:

  • In-depth training on the ways in which COVID-19 can be transmitted
  • The techniques for proper social distancing
  • Choosing the right mask and how to properly wear and care for a mask 
  • Cleaning techniques that combat COVID-19
  • Separating fact from fiction regarding COVID-19
  • Hand sanitizing methods that work

(2) Display Trained-4-COVID Certificates

Working with a company that offers certificates for COVID-19 retail training can ensure that your staff is ready to welcome customers into the store in the safest way possible, and that your customers know about it. Make sure they also certify your facility in addition to certifying your employees. Customers are heartened by and respond positively to assurances that a retailer is aware of the dangers of coronavirus transmission, and cares about creating a safe environment.

(3) Require Masks

By requiring your staff members and customers to wear masks at all times in your stores, you can significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Most of your customers will appreciate your consistent enforcement of rules regarding masks that apply at least to your store or to your community as a whole. By setting a solid example for your customers and requiring your staff members to wear masks, you can promote the safest environment inside your stores.

(4) Enforce Social Distancing

Social distancing in your indoor spaces is an essential element of your overall COVID-19 protection plan. Proper social distancing can be achieved in a few different ways:

  • Limiting the number of customers allowed into your stores at a given time
  • Expanding the available space to reduce crowding in key areas
  • Creating outdoor shopping or dining areas for customers

According to the Harvard Business Review, reducing the number of customers who can visit your stores could very well reduce your profitability. To prevent this impact, it is essential to create the most efficient shopping experience for your customers. Signage, staffing, physical layout, and traffic flow measures can allow customers to move through your store more quickly and reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your store’s sales.

(5) Institute a Cleaning Regimen

Customers will feel more comfortable in your stores if they are spotlessly clean and are obviously sanitized on a daily or even hourly basis. Wiping down surfaces with an approved cleaning solution and keeping hand sanitizer available for staff and customers will instill greater confidence in the safety of your stores. Some of the most important areas to clean regularly include:

  • Door handles
  • Fitting rooms
  • Shopping carts and baskets
  • Aisle shelves
  • Check-out counter areas

Assigning one or more staff members to these tasks can not only keep your store cleaner but also provide added reassurance for your customers that you are committed to the most comprehensive COVID-19 protective measures on their behalf.

Benefits of Employee Training Programs by COVID-Trained

COVID-Trained offers e-learning courses to help your staff members learn more about COVID-19 disease and how to protect themselves and your customers from transmitting this serious coronavirus.

Our online training program can be completed from a smartphone, a tablet, or a personal computer. This makes it easy for your staff members to learn proper techniques for managing their own risks while establishing the safest possible environment for shoppers in your retail stores.

All employees can then move forward operating from the same basic level of COVID-19 knowledge.

COVID-Trained offers training certification for individual employees who successfully complete our COVID-19 program.

We also provide a COVID-19 training certification document that can be posted in your retail store once 80 percent of your staff members have passed the course successfully.

This can provide real reassurance for your customers that your store is ready to serve them safely in the current pandemic environment. Employees will know you care. Customers will know you care.

Your investment in COVID-19 retail training will pay off in an improved reputation for your store and increased preference on the part of customers to purchase from you now and in the future.


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COVID Training is as important PPE

COVID-19 Online Course screenshot COVID Basics

The Right COVID-19 Training is as Essential as PPE for Your Company

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on companies across the United States and worldwide. The right training for your employees can be just as important as personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and face shields. COVID-19 employee training will help your staff members to protect themselves against the coronavirus more effectively by teaching them these important lessons:

  • How the coronavirus is spread
  • Who is vulnerable to COVID-19
  • How to implement social distancing effectively both indoors and outdoors
  • The importance of masks and other COVID-19 protective measures
  • How to wash and sanitize hands properly
  • The ways in which COVID-19 can be spread
  • Separating fact from fiction about COVID-19

Many companies have not yet implemented COVID-19 training for their staff members. This could put their employees at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus or spreading it to others. Investing in a training program specifically designed to provide your staff with the necessary information to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus will pay off in improved health and safety for your employees, customers and others who visit your workplace. COVID-Trained offers practical training solutions that can reduce the transmission of COVID-19 infection in your workplace.

A Real Threat to Public Health

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of nearly a million people worldwide and hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States. This threat is not likely to go away anytime soon. While progress is being made toward a vaccine, it is not certain if or when this will occur. Medical researchers are still determining whether those who have recovered from COVID-19 have temporary or permanent immunity to this serious disease. For now, prevention is the best and most practical way to protect yourself, your staff members and your family and friends from contracting the COVID-19 disease.

Many staff members, however, may not know the basics of COVID-19 protective measures. This can leave them vulnerable not only to contracting the coronavirus but also to spreading it to others in your workspaces, in their own families and in public places. Providing these employees with targeted training that explains the risks of COVID-19 and that delivers practical advice on how to wear a mask, how to social distance at work and how to sanitize hands and surfaces to create the safest possible workplace.

Education Is the Key to Protection

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees in the workplace. Providing your staff members with practical guidance and education on COVID-19 can provide them with a healthier and safer working environment while reducing the potential for legal actions against the company.

Implementing a COVID-19 employee training program is one of the best ways to protect your company and your staff members against the serious effects of this deadly virus. Educating your employees will give them the tools and the information necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and will help them to separate fact from fiction in formulating their plans to protect themselves from the spread of the disease.

COVID-Trained online course screenshot
Online course lesson from

Remote E-learning Micro Training Courses Enhance the Learning Experience for Staff

Many companies are choosing remote meeting technologies as a safe alternative to face-to-face meetings in the office. COVID-Trained recognizes the risks associated with in-person training meetings and has created remote training course options to help your employees protect themselves and others from the transmission of COVID-19. Users can take the course on their own computer, mobile device or tablet. This ensures the highest degree of convenience for you and your staff members throughout the e-learning process.

Our program is designed to provide factual information and practical strategies for creating the safest workplace possible for you, your employees and the people you serve. Some of the topics covered in the COVID-Trained e-learning program include the following:

  • Harmful myths that could result in increased spread of COVID-19
  • Bogus cures and misinformation about potential vaccines or treatments
  • Best practices for social distancing
  • The proper way to wash your hands
  • How to use hand sanitizers effectively
  • The symptoms of COVID-19 and when to call the doctor
  • Risk factors for coronavirus transmission and serious illness from COVID-19
  • Protective measures to take at work, outside and at home

Our COVID-19 employee training course will prepare your staff members to manage risks associated with the virus in the following ways:

  • Your employees will learn how to protect themselves, their colleagues, and your customers from transmitting or contracting the COVID-19 virus.
  • They will learn the best ways to wear a mask, to maintain social distancing and to truly sanitize their hands.
  • Our training course can provide valuable information to help your employees dispel myths and misinformation that may be circulated about COVID-19.

Because the course can be completed via e-learning, the programs offered by COVID-Trained offer added convenience and safety for staff members while delivering the information they need to protect themselves effectively from COVID-19.

At COVID-Trained, we deliver how-to micro training courses designed to suit the needs of your company and your employees. We offer SaaS self-managed employee training options that allow you to monitor the progress of your staff, as well as branded “white label” options that can be customized to suit your specific working environment. Our e-learning options are effective and practical ways to teach your team to protect themselves against the novel coronavirus. To learn more about how our innovative e-learning course can enhance your current COVID-19 protective measures, contact us today. We look forward to the chance to touch base with you.